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B.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) is an Undergraduate Program offered by the KMCT College of Allied Health Sciences, Calicut.

Programme Summary

The program is intended make available proficient and balanced training in laboratory medicine and tests. Moreover the course aims to provide highly competent and skilled Technical Personnel in the field of Laboratory Medicine well versed in handling sophisticated instruments and their apt uses..

Students receive an inspiring, thought-provoking and helpful academic experience along with a satisfying and pleasant social life. This course enhances student’s knowledge and skills in several major categorical areas of Medical Laboratory Technology.


Laboratory Facility

The college has provides well equipped lab facilities for students.

Biochemistry Lab

 The Biochemistry Lab of KMCT CAHS consists of Semi-Automated Analysers, Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometry, and Electrophoretic Apparatus.

Microbiology lab

KMCT CAHS’s micro biology lab has state of the art international standard equipments.

Elisa Reader, UV Cabinet, Safety Cabinet are some of the main highlight of the lab.

Pathology Lab

It is the presence of Fully Automated Tissue Processor, Microtomes, and Deionizer that makes the lab elegant and different from others.


Today everyone is giving prominence for healthcare; hence demand for allied health professionals and career opportunities for clinical lab professionals will be high comparing with other sectors and occupations.

Scientific: Opportunity to work as laboratory scientist at hospitals, Medical laboratories, Community Health laboratories, research & product development

Managerial: Administrator in laboratory, as expert to laboratory medicine manufacturing, Quality assurance businesses, sales & selling

Educational:  As an instructor in laboratory medicine degree course.


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Asst. Professor

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